Take control
of your life

Empower yourself with the skills to create the life you've always dreamed of living. 

Our program is designed to individually empower you to plan, create, and implement your Thriving Successfully!  life--the life you've always dreamed of living!  

We at Growth University & our partners offer training that will help you acquire the skills you need to empower yourself to take complete control of your life so you are able to live it Your Way!  We offer a unique proprietary program you design and control, then provide the resources and support you need to help you succeed!

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Forward Thinking

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Learn YOUR Way!

Growth University offers both Individual Online Coursework and Virtual Group Instruction

Workshop weeks

We feature a series of special workshops led by our instructors and guest artists.

Expert Instruction

Qualified Instructors combine Education and Practical Experience to teach Skills

Summer programs

We feature an intense series of daily workshops carried by our coaches.

Professional Coaches

Achieve Your Goals with the help & Support of Your Personal Coach

Targeted Action Groups

Support Learners in Creating, Planning & Executing Challenging Initiatives

Kids, teens & adults

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age.

Private Exclusive Online Community

Provides a Location for Learners to Practice New Skills & Network With Like-Minded People.

Special Community Events

Provide Opportunities to Gain Life Skills specifically addressing Current Issues in the Community and Your Life
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Growth Unlimited

Unlock Your Purpose & Meaning in Life.  Improve Relationships & Success!  Develop Emotional Skills to Thrive Successfully!

School of Patriots

Discover the Foundations of Freedom.  Learn Your REAL Inalienable Rights.  Develop the Skills to Effectively Assert & Defend Them Using Legal, Non-Violent Methods

Innovative Growth Explosions

Create the Professional, & Financial Life You Deserve!  Design and Implement Your Career, Launch & Grow A Business, Develop Leadership & Influence

Recession Busters

Develop the ability to thrive successfully regardless of the current economic situation!  Develop an abundance mindset.  Master the art of living through having the ability to choose what is important rather than reacting to external influences.

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Partner Specialists


Jeanette Larsen

Executive Director,
Success & Constitution Coach

Robert Suarez

Content Creation
Constitution Coach (COS)

Deborah Ide

Content Creator
Political Activist

Trusted by those you trust

"With Jeanette's help, I am learning more about who I am and why I do what I do.  I am gaining the knowledge and skills to create the life I want to live!"
"I have learned so much about my Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities as a Christian and Citizen of this Great Country!"
"I am gaining the knowledge and understanding of my abilities and responsibilities to be the kind of Leader God has inspired me to be." 
debbie park

Frequently asked questions

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How does Growth University work?

With us you will have the opportunity to learn the skills you need to take the responsibility to create the life you want to live.  We provide a combination of services designed to empower you to take control of your life by teaching you the basic life skills you need and providing the professional coaching, support, & resources that will give you the tools to empowerment.

What is a life & success coach?

A life and success coach is someone who helps you get clarity about the direction of your life, and empowers you by helping you learn the skills and developing the tools that give you the ability to make the changes to create the life you want to live.

Who needs a life & success coach?

The simple answer is all types of people can use a coach at some time in their life.

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